The World’s First Diamond Donut Engagement Ring is Now Available on the Internet


For $4,200, you could own this delicious-looking diamond ring.

Steven Stone, a London and Manchester-based jeweller, has produced the world’s first “Diamond Donut Engagement Ring,” which you may admire.

The jewellers claim that the design is inspired by a classic pink frosted donut, and that the ring is kneaded with 18 carat gold. The ring is encrusted with gleaming white diamonds. The “icing” is pink enamel, with “pick ‘n’ mix” jewels such as pink morganite, blue topaz, green emerald, and fancy yellow diamonds as “sprinkles” on the surface.The ring costs £3,000 ($4200) and is “crafted fresh to order.” For £995 ($1400), you can choose a different and less expensive design. Anyone who orders a ring will receive a free box of six donuts from Doughnut Time.