The growing dominance of the new generation in the diamond industry


Young Dhaval Desai’s great achievements at an early age is inspiration for the youth of Patidar Samaj.

DIAMOND TIMES – Dhaval Deepakbhai Desai,the pride of the entire Leuva Patel community who achieved great feats at the young age of just 25 years, has become an inspiration for the youth. Dhaval studied for a Master of Commerce at the Usha Praveen Gandhi College of Management in Mumbai and also learned Diamond Polishing and Assotment.

Then in 2017, he enrolled at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in New Jersey, USA to pursue higher studies in Master of Business Management. Along with his studies in business management,Dhaval took a course in Diamond Gadding at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He also continued to do part- time jobs along with studies to gain experience in the  field.

Dhaval Desai is son of Deepakbhai and Ramaben’s Desai who are native of Lathi the land of great poet Kalapi. Dhaval, who inherited the culture of adventure, hard work, passion, honesty and strong manhood from his father, Deepakbhai Bhupatbhai Desai, who has created his fortune from scratch in the city of dreams Mumbai. Dhaval’s company Dev Jewels inc., Which deals in diamonds and jewelery. It has established a strong position in the diamond industry with a turnover of crores in short time. All the credit for the company’s progress goes to young Dhaval who has built a big business empire at an early age on his own.

today when parents are worried about their children’s bright future and career. Deepakbhai son’s Dhaval has become an ideal and inspiration for all the younger generation. Dhaval and his parents deserve to be thanked for their determination and hard work.