Signet Announces 2030 Corporate Sustainability Goals


DIAMOND TIMES – Signet Jewelers has published its Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Report, as well as a complete set of Corporate Sustainability Goals (CSGs). The daring endeavour builds on the company’s 20-year track record of responsible sourcing and corporate citizenship, which has led the industry.

With its corporate sustainability goals, Signet Jewelers unveiled a new sustainability framework described by “three loves”: love for all people, love for our team, love for our planet, and love for our products.

The 2030 Corporate Sustainability Goals reaffirm the company’s commitment to being a purpose-driven, sustainability-focused leader. Signet’s strategy for corporate sustainability and accountability to its stakeholders for the next decade is defined by a new set of 44 goals, including Human Capital Management and Climate Change targets. Signet’s goals are defined with targets associated with the United Nations Agenda 2030 – Decade of Action to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as a member of the UN Global Compact. The extra goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is an exception.

“Our 2030 Corporate Sustainability Goals serve as a road map for our company’s next ten years. We’re committed to operating in ways that create positive change for our planet and people, from prioritising our team in creating a rewarding and welcoming culture to protecting human rights throughout our supply chain and innovating in ways like embracing the circular economy and continuously reducing carbon emissions “Virginia C. Drosos, CEO of Signet, said