Shairu Gems is the first carbon-neutral diamond producer in India.


Shairu Gems Group, a De Beers Sightholder based in Surat, has announced that it has become India’s first carbon-neutral diamond manufacturer by compensating for pollution with carbon offsets.

To receive the CarbonNeutral® certification, the organisation collaborated with Natural Capital Partners, a leading authority on carbon neutrality and climate finance.

“Being an environmentally friendly company has always been a core pillar of our corporate philosophy,” Shairu Gems Director Siddharth Mehta said. In 2014, we opened the world’s first LEED* (Gold) diamond factory, and we are now carbon neutral through our entire global activity. Natural Capital Partners has recognised my accomplishment, and I am very proud of it.”

All emissions associated with Shairu’s global activities, including third-party transporters and distributors, as well as business travel and employee commuting, were determined by an independent assessment. The company invested in pollution reduction programmes to achieve its carbon-neutral target, assisting in the transition to a low-carbon global economy.

“We increasingly see luxury consumers assessing the social and environmental impact of their purchase decisions. Our pursuit for positive climate action will only benefit our retail partners in meeting their luxury consumers’ needs,” Mehta added. Rebecca Fay, Chief Marketing Officer from Natural Capital Partners, stated: “We are pleased to be working with Shairu Gems Group, who are showing the importance of carbon neutrality in driving forward climate action and taking a lead in their sector.”