Jayakar’s tender for polished Labgron diamond will be held on September 28 in Surat


Nareshbhai Parikh and Chintanbhai Parikh, Chairman, Diamond Company Jayakar, request the Diamond Industry to join the effort to make Surat a Labgron Diamond Hub.

DIAMOND TIMES – Surat-based Jayakar, famous for its diamond job work, is one of the best, most reliable and foremost company in India with a mix of skilled manpower and state-of-the-art technology. Under the guidance and skillful leadership, Jayakara has made commendable progress and established a distinguished reputation in the diamond industry. Cheers to is fully committed.

Our noble intention is to provide a strong and efficient platform for buying Labgrown Polished Diamonds : Jayakar Chairman Nareshbhai Parikh & Chintanbhai Parikh

The global market for Labgron diamonds has been expanding over the last few years in parallel with natural diamonds. Labgron diamonds are in high demand, especially in the European-American market,while in India the Labgron market is also expanding. There are also a limited number of suppliers of Labgron Diamonds. With this in mind, we have a noble intention to provide a strong and efficient platform for Indian diamond traders to purchase Labgron Polished Diamonds. This is especially important for the jewelery industry.

Considering the global demand for Labgron and the upcoming festive season, the customers were urged to organize a tender for Polished Labgron Diamond. All sizes, colors, clarity, shape, certified, non-certified labgrown diamonds are on display.

Pre-registration is mandatory to participate in the auction : – This latest idea implemented by Jayakar in the interest of the diamond industry is getting a very good response from the diamond industry. More than 70 sellers and 45 buyers have registered on the first day of the announcement of this exhibition. Traders and jewelery manufacturers are also coming from outside Gujarat.