In the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment for 2021, Alrosa consolidates its ranking.


Alrosa’s dedication to sustainability has been reinforced by an increase in company score in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2021, one of the most prestigious evaluations for corporate sustainability in the world. Alrosa raised its percentile ranking from 43 percent in 2020 to 68 percent in 2021, improving its business score from 34 in 2020 to 44 in 2021. (Score date: 12 November, 2021).

In 2021, the company received high percentile scores in all three overall categories, including a 67th percentile ranking in governance and economic dimension, a 69th percentile ranking in environmental dimension, and a 67th percentile ranking in social dimension.

“Sustainability is a vital part of how Alrosa conducts its business,” said Alexey Philippovskiy, Alrosa’s CFO. “As our recently published 2021-25 Sustainability Programme outlines commitments ranging from implementing a set of initiatives aimed at protecting the atmosphere and mitigating climate change risks to protecting local communities and ensuring safe working conditions for all our team members and contractors, sustainability is a vital part of how Alrosa conducts its business.” The Alrosa Group needs to strengthen its Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment from S&P to demonstrate how our continuous commitment to ESG is widely recognised.”

Alrosa’s sustainability aims, which are integrated throughout the company, are consolidated in this S&P rating. Alrosa’s objectives include reducing its carbon footprint, adhering to international environmental protection requirements, environmental conservation, and social responsibility.