In FY2020, Sarine makes a $2.4 million profit.


DIAMOND TIMES –  Sarine Technologies Ltd released its financial results for the financial year that ended on December 31, 2020. For the majority of FY2020, the Covid-19 virus had a huge effect on the Group’s activities.

The Group recorded revenue of $41.0 mn in FY2020, a decline of 20% from the $51.3 mn achieved in FY2019. The revenue of $22.4 mn in H1 2020 reflected a strong Q1 2020 with robust capital equipment sales and Galaxy® scanning service income, followed by a sharp drop in revenue in Q2 2020 with the onset of the pandemic.

Revenue of $18.6 mn in H2 2020 comprised a weak Q3 2020 and a strong rebound in Galaxy® scanning service income in Q4 2020. The Group’s operating expense reduced by 22% in FY2020 as compared to FY2019. Due to the cost reductions implemented in FY2020, coupled with the product mix, the loss of $1.4 mn in FY2019 was reversed to a net profit of $2.4 mn in FY2020.

Net profit in H1 2020 and H2 2020 was similar at $1.2 mn, with H1 2020 benefiting from a strong Q1 2020 and H2 2020 from cost reductions and the strong rebound in Galaxy® scanning service income in Q4 2020. A final dividend of US 0.5 cent, subject to Annual General Meeting approval, was declared.The total recurring revenues for FY2020 (including Galaxy® -related scanning, Quazer® services, polished diamond-related services and annual maintenance contracts) was approximately 50% of Group revenue.