For technological solutions, Sarine and HB Antwerp have teamed up.


DIAMOND TIMES –Based in Israel Sarine Technologies, a leading supplier of diamond processing equipment, has become a technology partner with HB Antwerp.

Sarine will also include its industry-leading Galaxy® scanning, preparing, and AI-grading technologies as part of this new collaboration with HB Antwerp, which will be completely integrated with HB’s proprietary technologies in the process, from rough sourcing to the final polished result.

Antwerp-based HB focuses on technology-driven sourcing, analysing, cutting and polishing of diamonds. It is applying an innovative methodology designed to simplify the complexities and challenges of the global diamond supply chain and enhance transparency. HB Antwerp authenticates each stage of its value chain using its own unique block chain and traceability proprietary technologies combined with Sarine’s traceability solution. This allows HB to offer luxury brands and private consumers a customised product.

The partnership aims to demonstrate that transparency and open collaboration can benefit all the stakeholders throughout the value-chain. In addition, the two companies have agreed to explore co-development of new technologies based on their R&D centres in Israel and Belgium.

HB Antwerp will remunerate Sarine based on a percentage of the value of the produced polished diamonds.

Rafael Papismedov, HB Antwerp’s Strategy Director, commented, “HB Antwerp and Sarine have a solid foundation for cooperation, given Sarine’s advanced technology and solutions, which synergise with HB Antwerp’s unique capabilities and vision for streamlining the value-chain and providing the end consumers with the quality products they desire, along with the transparency and confidence they now demand.”

“This new paradigm integrating producers, suppliers, and retailers underpinned by the latest innovations has the potential to revolutionise our industry,” said David Block, CEO of Sarine Group.