De Beers broadcasts a famous watering hole at one of their southern African nature reserves.


Our ecology team is using the new camera, which is livestreaming from a famous watering hole at one of our nature reserves in southern Africa, to track the visiting wildlife. It also offers a rare look at one of our Diamond Route assets and the wildlife that calls it home, with lions, elephants, and a variety of birds having already been spotted.

Through our Diamond Route network, we set aside and actively manage 200,000 hectares around our operations for conservation, through eight reserves across southern Africa. In fact, for every hectare of land used for our operations, we set aside six for conservation through the Diamond Route. The groundbreaking conservation work and research taking place within these reserves, forms a key part of our Building Forever goal to create a net positive impact on biodiversity by 2030.

With travel restrictions and many lockdowns in place, why not visit the reserve from the comfort of your own home and see some of the animals we protect?