ALROSA’s latest Environmental Policy has been approved.


The Supervisory Board of ALROSA has approved a new version of the Environmental Policy, which represents the Company’s approach to environmental protection and safety.

The new version of the corporate policy defines basic principles of environmental protection. According to the document, the company not just undertakes to protect the environment in its regions of operation, but also strives to make a positive ecological impact globally. ALROSA makes sure that statutory norms and rules are scrupulously observed by all of its operations. It takes into account international standards and guidelines and plans to follow best corporate practices.
The company declares its commitment to the use of renewable energy, resource conservation and implementation of the world’s best green practices. ALROSA’s guiding principles also include the upgrade of infrastructure and industrial facilities, response to climate change, supporting biodiversity, building corporate culture, transparency, interaction with government agencies and global industry players, environmental risk management, and continuous improvement of environmental management. In addition, ALROSA is designing more detailed long-term targets for sustainable development, which will also include specific goals in environmental protection and safety.
ALROSA’s management regularly evaluates and monitors compliance with all the principles as well as the achievement of environmental and performance targets.
“Responsible and rational use of natural resources is the most important area of ALROSA’s activities that forms an integral part of our strategy. Our primary goal is to mitigate environmental impact across the entire production chain: from exploration to sales of finished products. The Environmental Policy is the fundamental document of our environmental management system, and we also expect our external contractors and business partners to comply with it,” said Sergey Ivanov, CEO of ALROSA.