A woman from London is accused of exchanging $7.8 million in diamonds for pebbles.


One of the gems swapped was a $3 million 20-carat heart-shaped stone.

Lulu Lakatos, a 60-year-old London lady, is accused of exchanging $7.8 million worth of diamonds for worthless pebbles.For a group posing as affluent Russian purchasers, Lakatos allegedly examined seven diamonds at premium Mayfair jeweller Boodles. She then put the diamond-studded pocketbook into her handbag. “When staff objected, she swiftly withdrew what seemed to be the same purse,” according to the account. The imitation purse was then placed in the vault by the personnel. When the purse was investigated the next day, it was discovered to contain “nothing but garden pebbles.”A 20-carat heart-shaped diamond worth $3 million and a 3-carat pear-shaped beautiful pink diamond worth $1.5 million were among the seven stones stolen.

Lakatos, who was born in Romania and now lives in France, was deported to the United Kingdom. Two other guys accused of impersonating the affluent Russians are also on trial.