6,500 trade members attended GIA India’s Knowledge Webinars.


DIAMOND TIMES – Since May 2020, GIA India has hosted more than 60 information webinars, with approximately 6,500 industry members – including manufacturers, distributors, traders, retailers, and professionals – attending from 550+ cities throughout India.

Navratna, ‘Introduction to Laboratory-Grown Diamonds,’ ‘April Birthstone: Diamond,’ ‘September Birthstone: Sapphire,’ ‘November Birthstones: Topaz & Citrine,’ ‘The Big 3 – Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald,’ and many more gemmological topics were discussed in the free webinars.

“I am glad to see the trade’s continuous interest in learning, and believe that GIA webinars might be of tremendous value to them without affecting their businesses,” stated Sriram Natarajan, Managing Director of GIA India. I am convinced that these Knowledge Webinars will be utilised by an increasing number of professionals. GIA is still dedicated to sharing knowledge for the benefit of the industry and, ultimately, the consumer.”

“GIA has been the pioneer of gemmological research for many decades, and we are glad to share our knowledge with the trade,” said Manoj Singhania, Director – Education, GIA India. Witnessing the trade’s participation and enthusiastic response is humbling. We will continue to provide similar seminars to assist the trade in staying educated and confidently engaging consumers.”